Protective tar Asphalt sealing


 Asphalt is made up of three major components, gravel, tar, and a variety of different aggregates.  Over time through oxidation the tar is evaporated leaving pavements susceptible to water retention. Water then soaks into the pavement and expands during winter months. This causes all kinds of damage such as cracking, sinking, heaving and pot holes. The only way to extend a pavement's life and prevent damages is to seal it with the RIGHT Sealer. Sealing your driveway or parking lot with a Tar sealer on a bi-annual basis can double the lifespan of your asphalt.   


What We Use - Tar Based Asphalt Sealer

  Tar is one of the original components in asphalt, for this reason, we only use 100% tar based sealer for all our maintenance projects from driveways, pathways and parking lots. A matte black finish provides a sharp consistent look for your property, helping your home or business stand out. Tar and water do not mix naturally. By replenishing your asphalt with tar, water is unable to penetrate the asphalt surface. Instead moisture is repelled, beading off to designated drainage areas (end of a driveway, sewers, catch basins, etc.). This protects the asphalt from damages, greatly prolonging the life of your pavement. Tar-based sealer is able to cure into the pores of asphalt similar to the way a stain cures into wood. Because of this, it is not necessary to reseal every year. We recommend that asphalt is sealed every two years extending the life of your asphalt surface while beautifying and adding curb appeal to your property. 


What Not to Use - Buyer Beware!

There are a large number of asphalt sealing "companies" out there that are just looking to make a buck and do not care what sealer they use. As long as it's black and they can collect a payment from you that is all they care about. Property managers, property owners and homeowners have no idea what is being applied to their pavement, all they see is a "good deal". At the end of the day the cheapest option is not always the best! Certified Paving only uses 100% protective tar sealer and we will never jeopardize our integrity by cheating our customers with a cutback or inferior product. The alternative is an acrylic asphalt sealer that is very thick and typically applied with rollers or squeegees. Acrylic asphalt sealer is much cheaper than a tar asphalt sealer. Even if it is not cutback with any kind of petroleum product (gasoline, diesel, used motor oil, or varsol) the acrylic will still cause damage to your pavement. Acrylic is just paint that chemically adheres to the top of your pavement. Over time this "paint" cracks and so does your driveways, pathways and parking lots. Over time the cracking gets worse with water penetrating and freezing in the winter causing the cracks to further develop by getting thicker, wider and multiplying. When a sealer is cutback with any of the above mentioned petroleum products it simply will start to erode like an oil stain on pavement. Cutback sealers is a huge reason pavement has to be replaced a lot sooner than if it was left alone in the first place!