Crack Sealing


 Over time through oxidation water is able to soak up into the pavement and freeze during winter months. This is the number 1 reason cracking is formed. If not treated properly or on time the problem only gets worse. Eventually the cracking starts to connect and pieces of asphalt become lose and pot holes are formed. The best way to avoid costly repairs is to seal up the cracks with a hot rubberized agent, not allowing water to penetrate the crack itself afterwards. 

Clean and Fill Crack Sealing

One option you have to sealing the cracks in your parking lot is with a simple clean and fill crack sealing service. Property managers and property owners often chose this option if they are trying to get a few more years out of their parking lot. The reason behind that is with just cleaning and filling the crack  the hot rubberized agent would not last as long as the other option.


Route and Fill Crack Sealing

Routing the cracks is when we take a large grinder to every crack which opens them up and makes them a bit thicker and deeper. That way more of our hot rubberized crack sealing agent can be applied. This is by far the best option to give you a solid solution and expand the life of your pavement. Property managers and property owners see extreme value with this option if the goal is not to replace the pavement within a few years.  We find after cracks are sealed most property managers and property owners find value in applying a protective tar sealer to reduce the chance of further damages.