Industrial/Commercial Paving

Certified Paving offers professional industrial/commercial services to help property managers and property owners achieve reliable paving solutions. Every project is done the right way with a total of 4" compressed asphalt. A durable 1.5" top coat is paved after a strong and stable 2.5" base coat is laid. Proper slope is added to create a functional system for water to run off to designated drainage areas. We guarantee the satisfaction of our customers and will not leave a site until the project is absolutely perfect!  



Industrial/Commercial Patchwork

Over time through oxidation water is able to soak up into the pavement and freeze during winter months causing cracking and other erosion. If not treated properly or on time the problem only gets worse. Areas can sink or heave and potholes are formed.. An inexpensive option to repaving the entire area is to cut out a damaged section and just repave the problem areas. We find after a property is repaired most property managers and property owners see value in applying a protective tar sealer to reduce the chance of further damages.


Residential Paving

No matter how big or small the job Certified Paving is happy to work with homeowners to give them the absolute best service with the value far superior to others. We make sure to let the base sit for at least 2 weeks so that it sets properly and will not cause movement after the driveway is paved. 2" of compressed asphalt is paved after the base has set. WE NEVER CUT CORNERS!